Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ohoka Farmers' Market - Gem of Canterbury

Ohoka Farmers' Market - Gem of Canterbury

Ohoka Farmers' Market, 20 minutes north of Christchurch, ran an Earthquake Relief Market last Friday  at no charge to our stallholders who had managed to join us.  It was well received within our local community.  We sold out of bread by 10.30am and veges were flying out of the domain.   We are continuing to operate every Friday morning 9am - 12.30pm from the Ohoka Domain and welcome any stallholders who have been displaced by their own markets in the Christchurch area. We have attracted increasing numbers of Christchurch customers and we wish to continue to welcome them to our peaceful market especially during these times of uncertainty.

Ironically just prior to this market we started a food bank at the market whereby stallholders and locals donate surplus fresh produce and goods and this is collected by a local charity group for distribution at 12.30pm - fantastically appreciated and supported by all.

Ohoka Farmers' Market

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Jennie said...

Great to hear that you're going well and being able to help out. Cheers!