Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farmers' Market of the Year

Farmers' Market of the Year The Best Farmers' Market of the year as voted by the consumers of NZ

The Farmers' Market of the Year award is just one of the awards honoring farmers' markets around NZ as we shine the spotlight on the real food producers from the land and sea

“Shining the spotlight onto individual grassroots food producers who use Farmers’ Markets as a venue to sell directly to consumers”

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Farmers' Markets NZ Inc

Taste Farmers Markets Awards flies to Singapore


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This growing popularity of Farmers’ Markets is something being seen worldwide and for a host of reasons. The awareness (or concern) of what’s in our food and growing demand for regional, unadulterated and organic produce, climate concerns and the investment into local resources, sustainable agriculture as well as influential television chefs pushing fresh seasonal ingredients combined with good old nostalgia and supporting community ideals are just a few of the influences causing Farmers’ Markets to flourish in New Zealand.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One

Modern technology, should have trademarked all of the vegetables and fruits, blackberry, orange, apple etc etc

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Banks Peninsula rated top food district |

Banks Peninsula rated top food district | "Forget scenery and wildlife - Banks Peninsula is being praised for its 'foodie credentials'.

The district has been named as one of Lonely Planet's 'Top 10 Places to Learn to Cook the Local Cuisine', alongside culinary magnets Chiang Mai and Tuscany.

'With hiking, swimming with dolphins, and kayaking all on offer, you could visit New Zealand's picturesque Banks Peninsula and easily overlook the region's growing foodie credentials,' Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2011 guide said.

The guide recommended visiting 'raffish' Lyttelton on a Saturday morning for 'one of New Zealand's best farmers' markets' before coming back on Sunday to attend the She Chocolate School in Governor's Bay."